The Challenge

Mothercare had hard sales targets, and had been focusing on paid search to drive the greatest efficiency. When they needed to scale their activity and drive even more sales, we needed to prove that paid social could drive a competitive ROI.

What we did

We knew we’d need to know our audience inside out to get the most out of the campaign. Facebook Pixels placed on the site, not only allowed us to accurately account for the performance of every penny spent, but also meant we could retarget people with products they were interested in, and use Facebook’s powerful algorithms to make lookalikes of our best customers. Using this system, we created a halo of audiences: each bigger than the one below it in the funnel, but with no overlap between them. That way, we could ensure we were streamlining our spend to focus on the right people.

The Results

We delivered an ROI of over 15 – a fantastic result that proves the strength of our tech and our thinking.

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