Our services.

Strategy and Planning

Our deep understanding of the fundamentals of social platforms and consumer behaviours, our close relationships with core platform partners such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, and our watchful eye on "what's next" enable us to guide brands to conversations and communities that matter. Backed by social listening tools and research, our data-centric rigor unlocks insights that empower both killer creative, dynamic content strategy and surgically-precise paid targeting.

Content marketing

We are an eclectic group of storytellers and content creators. We believe that brand experiences shouldn’t conclude with “The End,” but rather spark a deeper conversation and a desire to learn more. This curiosity inspires our thinking on everything from content ideation, content creation, video production across our campaigns. We also produce dynamic messaging hand in hand with syndication and distribution.

Influencer marketing

We listen and engage with your most valuable audiences, influencers, and advocates. As a part of our comprehensive offering, we provide blogger outreach, influencer strategy, content creation, syndication, distribution and reporting.

Paid Amplification

Society’s Paid Social team takes pride in ensuring your great branded content actually gets seen and heard by the right people. Our innovative paid social experts identify and target high-value audiences in partnership with content strategists and analysts, then optimise those efforts in real time to drive maximum media value. We’re holistic in our thinking and fluid in our approach, evolving client strategies at the speed of ad-tech advancements in social.

Reporting and Analytics

We blend the best of audience insights and leading-edge methodologies, tools and processes that identify the social moments most likely to drive peak audience engagement. We pair this data with cadenced social listening, social performance, sentiment analysis and persona identification to move brands beyond the “like” and to connect campaigns to real business results.

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