When you’ve got to go, social media isn’t left ‘behind’.

Do you blog from the bog? Tweet from the seat? Or roam from the throne?

Feeling flushed? You’re not alone. We’re all guilty of it - browsing while on the loo.

The bathroom used to be a private place where you can lock the door, shut the world out and be left to get on with your business. But according to Nielsen’s “State of the media: Social media report”, a third of people aged between 18-24 use social media networking services in the bathroom. In the UK we average a whopping 10.2 tweets per day while on the seat… something to think about next time you borrow someone else’s phone!


Is it fear of missing out? Or a quiet place to think of your next caption?

29% of people use social networking as a cure for bathroom boredom (digitalspy, 2013) - the smartphone being the new modern day bathroom read, replacing the crumpled newspaper stuffed down the side of the toilet.

92% of people polled said they checked in on other people’s business on Facebook, while taking care of their own (themarketingscope, 2016). Maybe this explains why about 19% of people have dropped their phone down the toilet, at least once (cnet, 2014).

Toilet talking points

So when their phone isn’t sinking to the bottom of the bog, what are people talking about?

Approximately 80 people per month worldwide tweet to say they’re stuck on the toilet without any toilet paper!

Opportunity: Through social listening, be reactive to these cries for help and come to their rescue, either with content to keep them entertained while they wait or maybe even sending them out actual toilet paper! Just imagine the brand love you’d be shown in return.

There were 26,570 unique UK mentions of being on the toilet in the last 12 months, 440 of which happened at work and 1,690 tweets in the last 12 months stated how many minutes they had spent on the toilet – talk about oversharing!

Opportunity: Create video content which has a toilet timer, so fans can keep track of how long they’ve been on the bog, and if it begins to seem suspicious offer excuses they can use. E.g. “That faulty tap splashed all over me again, so had to dry off”, “Dave from Accounts was chatting numbers at me again in there”, “would you believe they had no soap? Had to go all the way to the 5th floor again!”

There were also 1,780 tweets in the last 12 months where people said they were crying on the toilet - approximately 62% of these were women.

Opportunity: Maybe not.

When it comes to brands, toilet humour is not too below the belt. The toilet paper brand Charmin have choose to ‘wipe’ out their competitors by promoting their bathroom tissue through daily tweets which praise the unparalleled relief that comes only with bathroom breaks, using the hashtag #tweetfromtheseat (as shown below).

Poo Pourri has also been hot on the heels of toilet humour with their campaign ‘Girls don’t poop’, featuring a potty-mouthed posh lady sat on a lavatory letting everything out, (her secrets that is) on how to cover up even the most embarrassing bathroom odours.

With more than 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds, it’s hard to stand out in such a cluttered space. So it’s no wonder Poo Pourii have taken a risk talking about a topic usually shied away from, to make themselves heard above the noise and what a ‘relief’!

Time tinkling

People on average spend 1 hour and 42 minutes on the loo every week (Scotsman, 2008). As marketers we need to utilise this captive audience, who are quite literally ‘exposed’ to the platform your brand is on, sat waiting to be talked to.

No matter the content, no matter the message, the most meaningful conversations happen when two people are present. Timing is key! Now I’m not suggesting you post content based on when you think your target audience are on the toilet (targeting isn’t quite there yet), but rather consider those quiet moments when as a brand your voice can be heard. For example, on their commute to and from work. The average commute in the UK is 1 hour and 38 minutes (The Telegraph, 2016). That’s a full series of Amazon Prime worth! Then there is while they wait at the school gates for their kids, while they stand in line at a supermarket or those idle moments just before bed.

So whether your audience is twiddling their thumbs or cleaning their bums, they’ll take to the content like bog roll to a toilet paperless cubicle! So get social savvy - think of the lavvy. The audience is looking to be entertained – this is your cue!

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