Introducing Encore: Why we can’t get enough of our Paid Social process!

Trying out a new platform can be a risky business. If budgets are tight and expectations are high, how can you make sure you’re set up for success from the very start? That’s why we created Encore, our way of planning, building, and optimising campaigns, to take the pain out of the gain.

Encore is our methodology for achieving performance through digital media channels. It’s a proven approach that provides the starting point for our campaigns. In this post, we focus on the eight principles that make up Encore Paid Social, that apply to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn media buys.

1 - We’ve got a plan

It might be obvious, but every campaign benefits from a clear plan – particularly in regard to optimisations. We know what we need to learn, and when, so we are always in control of improving performance.

2 - No two channels are the same

Rather than mirror successful tactics from other media channels such as TV or display, we believe in a channel-specific approach to creative, targeting and other campaign facets.

3 - A data-first approach

Social networks have taken data to a whole new level and we have great confidence that our channels audience tools targeting suggestions are successful. Nine times out of ten, a Facebook look-a-like audience of an advertiser’s customer data will outperform an audience suggested by a more traditional audience planning tool.

4 - Understanding what’s under the bonnet is key to performance

We work within a technology-led industry, and a strong understanding of how that technology thinks is the key to unlocking optimum performance. Facebook, Twitter, API partners and other networks all have optimisation algorithms that must be understood to be used optimally.

5 - Ad tech requires the right conditions to shine

Just like people, algorithms work best when allowed the right environment. By understanding and building campaigns backwards from those conditions, we get the best out of them.

6 - Real-time beats manual

Computers think faster than us and without bias. Encore places great trust in optimisation by targeting algorithms which do the heavy lifting; we just do the steering.

7 - Ad technology, one size doesn’t fit all

There are hundreds of API partners for Facebook and the other networks. Choosing between them can be both confusing and time consuming. Encore takes an agnostic approach and, rather than wed ourselves to one, we believe in matching our long list of technology partners to the campaigns they complement the best.

8 - Frequency is the central metric

Advertising on social feeds can feel more intrusive than other channels such as TV, Google AdWords or display, meaning advertisers need to take extra care not to annoy their audiences by reaching them each time they login. Frequency is our metric, the average number of times a campaign’s audience has been reached during its flight. Before every campaign we agree an optimum frequency and plan all budgets and audiences backwards from that.

We love it because it works!

Overall, Encore is our methodology that places great confidence in data and technology by producing campaigns that get the very best out of the tools we work with.

To find out how our Encore methodology can work for your brand, contact Joel Roberts our Head of Paid Social at Mediabrands Society @

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