Four Reasons Why Selling with Social Makes it Easier to Face the Books

Social media is battling an image problem in some circles. All too often, these networks are associated with softer metrics, and they’re overlooked as not being the right environment for lower-funnel messaging.

The power of social for branding is well established, but some advertisers struggle to recommend it as a channel if their goals are more DR focused. This is a shame, as all the platforms have made tremendous improvements to their optimisation capabilities in recent years. It’s time to re-evaluate the role social can play.

With that, here are four reasons why advertisers are missing a trick if they’re not thinking about paid social.

1 - A user base that grows every day:

There is no denying the scale of social channels and the opportunity this presents. Half of the UK population is on Facebook. and 94% of internet users see something from Twitter every month. That’s a big opportunity that advertisers are saying no to if they aren’t leveraging this scale. As the platforms develop and mature, so their user base also grows up along with them. Social networks are no longer the preserve of the young, and any advertiser should be able to identify an audience there.

2 - Unparalleled targeting capability:

By their very nature, social networks are places where users feel comfortable sharing data about themselves and their interests. That means there’s a wealth of information that we can access to help pinpoint the right users. Even if you can’t find people you care about using the platforms’ own data, chances are Experian, Datalogix or Acxiom can. Alternatively, advertisers can use their own data and match CRM lists or website visitors to social users. The scale of social combined with solid data is a can help advertisers be sure they’re targeting the most profitable users. Data providers are always looking to expand the lists they offer, so it’s worth checking on a regular basis what new segments are available.

3 - Pixels are essential to understand value:

Getting platform pixels properly installed is an essential means of optimising beyond the click, so we can get a concrete idea of what value we’re driving, and where.

But it gets even better than that. A properly installed pixel lets you make lookalikes of your highest-value customers, and even dynamically change your creative depending on what products people have been looking at. Because the pixel is linked to the ad account, it uses the data it receives to optimise delivery and keep it delivering well. Success on social often means trusting the platform to get on with the job you’ve set it, rather than trying to use human judgement (and human error) to optimise.

4 - The right tech can add a lot of value:

If you’ve found limitations in your previous social campaigns’ optimisation or targeting capability, then there’s probably a role for a tech partner in improving it. There’s been an explosion of tech in recent years, all with the aim of making paid social more profitable. Google Analytics optimisation, ROI forecasting, custom goals, the value these tools can add is enormous and constantly evolving.

The sheer number of providers means that tech partners can be swapped in or out depending on what is needed and which ones will add the most value.

So why should you be considering paid social if you aren’t already? For it’s unrivalled scale, in-depth targeting, and powerful optimisation.

Still not convinced? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to show you the value of social.

To find out how our social can drive leads for your brand, contact Caity Parker, our Strategic Campaign Manager at Mediabrands Society @


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